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At Premiere Mortgage, we specialize in equity based, common sense mortgage solutions for our clients. We provide mortgage financing to clients who don’t qualify with the banks due to credit and/or income issues, and we provide funding for any purpose you require.

What’s the key difference between Premiere and the banks?


We don’t put you through the tough “prove you don’t need the money before we lend it to you” lending guidelines and attitude of the banks. Our mortgage approvals are based primarily on the equity in your home, not your income or credit.

This means, if you own real estate with equity, chances are we can arrange a mortgage or home equity loan to meet your needs, even if your credit is damaged and/or your income is harder to verify or qualify. And, we’ll always give you a complete free, no obligation quotation before you make any commitments, risk free! We say YES when the banks say NO!

We provide 1st, and 2nd mortgages on all forms of real estate, so it doesn’t matter if you have a house, condo, mobile home, or live on an acreage; chances are we have an equity mortgage product to fit your needs, at very competitive terms. Whether you live in the city, a small town, or in the country, we have lending options for you. We lend throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

And, we can provide funding for virtually any worthwhile purpose you choose.

Consolidate your debts

We can pay down your credit cards, charge accounts, loans and other debts into one lower payment. A debt consolidation mortgage can sometimes reduce your monthly payments by hundreds of dollars per month. Simplify your finances and reduce your costs all at the same time!

Home renovations and improvements

Using the equity in your home to improve, renovate or repair your home. This is a great way to improve the comfort of your home, and increase the market value, all at the same time. We can finance the purchase of a new home too!

Self-employed borrowers

Own your own business or want to start your own business?  There is always a need for more cash-flow when you're self-employed, but the banks have tough rules and require a lot of paperwork. An equity based mortgage can give you the added working capital to grow and support your business in a quick and straight forward way, so you can work on your business, rather than dealing with the bankers!

Resolve financial problems

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, for any of us. If you’re dealing with a difficult financial situation, maybe a bankruptcy, past due on income or property taxes, have a collection agency calling you, or your existing mortgage has fallen into foreclosure, we can help. We have a wide variety of home equity mortgage products to resolve these types of situations, and just as important, relieve the stress of these circumstances, and help to get you back on track with your finances.

Assist your family

The needs of our families are always changing. We can provide a home equity loan to assist when the kids are going off to university, finance a wedding, help out your parents or another relative, whatever the reason. We can provide an equity mortgage to get you the funds you want to lend a helping hand to those closest to you.

Unexpected Expenses

Sometimes there are more “rainy days” than your “rainy day fund” can handle, so being able to access the equity in your home to deal with some of life’s unexpected expenses can be a real life saver. Whether you’re dealing with a dead car, a burst pipe, a leaky roof, or any other surprise expense, we can help!

Make your dreams come true

As you can see, we can lend money against the equity in your home for all kinds of good and necessary reasons, but we can also help you take that vacation of a lifetime, have your dream wedding, buy that convertible, or vacation property by the lake….whatever worthwhile purpose you want, we can help with a Premiere Home Equity Mortgage.

Quite simply, you can put the equity in your home to work for you to achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be. Put our years of experience and impeccable reputation to work for you!

We’re just a few clicks away – fill out our Application for a complete, no obligation quotation today – no costs and no risk. You can call or email us too!
You’ll be happy you did!

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